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Cozen O’Connor to Attend Snack Food Association’s Legislative Summit

Cozen O’Connor has been at the forefront of defending consumer class action lawsuits involving food and beverage labeling for years.  On April 9th and 10th we will be taking the fight from the courtroom to Capitol Hill at the Snack Food

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Don’t Overstep Regulations: Third Circuit Rules that FDA Regulations Trump State Causes of Action in Trans-Fat Labeling Claim

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that FDA regulations preempted a consumer class action complaint alleging that trans-fat content and cholesterol-reduction claims on light spread butter and margarine substitutes misled customers. This decision adds to the growing list

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“All Natural” Food Labeling Claims Trending in California

New Year’s resolutions may already be waning but consumers continue to purchase foods and beverages bearing the “All Natural” labels in an effort to eat healthier.  The only food trend hotter than buying “Natural” foods and beverages is suing the

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Genetically Modified Food: Right to Know?

State by state, small farmers and individual consumers are squaring off against large food and agriculture corporations over genetically modified food. So far, it appears the food and agriculture industry has the upper-hand on the little guy. Connecticut state legislation

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UPDATE: FDA Says No To “Corn Sugar”

On May 30th, the Food and Drug Administration issued a ruling denying the Corn Refiners Association’s (CRA) September 14, 2010 petition to authorize the use of “corn sugar” as an alternate optional name for high fructose corn syrup (HCFS).  The

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The Debate Over Gluten-Free Food Labeling

It seems the latest health craze always involves “free” food; fat-free, sugar-free, preservative-free, and now gluten-free. PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay North America recently launched an initiative to label some of their products as “gluten-free.” The proposal includes labeling products with a “GF”

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Sugar Substitutes: Trade Groups, Member Companies Litigate The Right To Call Themselves Sweet As Sugar By Any Other Name

THE SCOOP American food producers never seem to sour when it comes to pursuing consumer market share.  The United States is the world’s largest consumer and manufacturer in the market for high-fructose corn syrup.  Recently, consumers, and therefore U.S. food

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