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Established in 1970 and ranked among the 100 largest law firms in the United States, Cozen O’Connor has more than 825 attorneys who help clients manage risk and make better business decisions. The firm counsels clients on their most sophisticated legal matters in all areas of the law, including litigation, corporate, and regulatory law.

Food, Beverage & Nutritional Products Industry Team

The Food, Beverage & Nutritional Products Industry Team at Cozen O’Connor provides advice and counsel to a wide range of companies connected directly and indirectly to the food and beverage industry. Our attorneys advise clients in:

Our depth of knowledge and understanding of regulations and guidelines promulgated by the FDA, USDA, and FTC and other governmental agencies benefits clients in developing risk management protocols and strategies helping them to better navigate industry-related crises. In addition, Cozen O’Connor’s intellectual property, antitrust, and criminal defense and government investigations attorneys provide valuable insight and guidance to clients facing potential liabilities and crisis situations.

Food Contamination and Product Recall Insurance Coverage Practice Group

In response to the enormous impact recent, large-scale foodborne contamination and product recall claims have had on insurers and their policyholders, Cozen O’Connor has established a national team of attorneys experienced in handling food contamination and product recall coverage matters related to first-party, third-party and specialty policies. Our team can quickly analyze and assess our insurance clients’ needs when the next outbreak or recall is announced and provide representation through all phases of a food contamination or product recall coverage claim.

Consider our experience in the following:

Coverage — We know the coverage issues cold.  Our attorneys stay up-to-date with industry and case law developments around the country and abroad, and we publish on the topic often.

Crisis Management — Cozen O’Connor’s team of coverage attorneys is prepared to provide immediate, effective assistance in connection with a recall.  We have mobilized independent adjusters, forensic accountants, and regulatory experts on a moment’s notice to take control of a recall situation, mitigate damage, and put together a complete and accurate exposure analysis.

Claims Analysis/Management — We have developed claims protocols with our clients’ policyholders to streamline the defense and evaluation of underlying claims arising from a recall or contamination incident, and to minimize the chance of unnecessary and expensive coverage litigation.  Our attorneys are experienced in analyzing claims data alongside forensic accountants to properly value claims.

Coverage Litigation — Our attorneys are trained for coverage litigation.  We successfully tried a food contamination coverage case in 2010, and our attorneys have volumes of experience in all phases of litigation, arbitration, and mediation.

Risk Management — We are able to assist our clients before a claim is tendered or coverage litigation ensues through development of risk management and loss prevention programs.  We can also draft manuscript policy language and monitor the development of underlying liabilities.

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